Stress-Free Root Canals & Tooth Extractions

Poor oral health not only affects your appearance, but also has adverse effects on different organs in your body, including your brain. Staying healthy and happy is easy when you turn to TLC Family Dentistry in Garden City, Michigan. Our tooth extractions, root canals, and cleaning services help you limit the damaged areas and address them as they come up.

Crowns & Cleaning

Having crowns put in is a great option when your tooth is very decayed or broken and cannot support a filling. Although this is a very important procedure, we are usually able to finish it in about two visits, and the prices start as low as $750.

For those with Pyorrhea or periodontal disease, a thorough deep cleaning helps to clear up ongoing problems. This helps to maintain your oral health and helps your mouth stay junk-free. Your gum health is vital to your overall heath.

Root Canals & Extractions

For serious pain and swelling, it may be time to consider a root canal procedure. This ongoing pain could be a sign of serious infection. Root canals save your tooth, take away the pain, and restore it to health.

When a root canal isn't an option, a tooth extraction helps reduce decay and gum disease. By using digital X-rays, we are able to get a picture of your tooth health with minimal radiation. Our intraoral camera is able to show you the problems with your tooth and take before and after pictures. This is perfect for education on the best treatment options.

Contact us to learn more about your options for root canals and tooth extractions.

Person Smiling - Tooth Extractions